March 27, 2010

EMAIL OF THE DAY: A call for civility:

I cannot emphasize this enough: your brand of public discourse is hurting our country. It us poison. So fuck you, you GOP utensil, and fuck your mother for bringing you forth.

Plus this stirring conclusion: “Replies will not be read, you fuck.” With this degree of eloquence and commitment to reasoned debate, he must be a Glenn Greenwald reader. But I blame the hateful, violent rhetoric from Democratic leaders and media figures. They’re like modern-day Klansmen, inciting a mob of ignorant, violent followers. When will they renounce their hateful rhetoric? . . . .

UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes:

Greenwald reader? Are you sure it wasn’t Greenwald? After all it’s not hard to setup a dummy email account. And we are talking Greenwald here.

Actually, I’ve been fascinated with the Democrats’ harrumphing about political violence. Krugman’s challenge no less! How can any group of people be less self-aware than the Democrats have shown themselves in this latest campaign? What I particularly love is that the entirely predictable and appropriate response by you and others is driving them completely nuts.

Don’t think I need to tell you to keep it up. You’re having too much fun!

Heh. Indeed. And I don’t think it was Greenwald — if it had been him, it would have gone on for many, many more paragraphs. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hey, thanks for all the concerned emails. But although I get hate mail and the occasional death threat — I guess I should have had a press conference, who knew? — all things considered I don’t get all that much. This one was just funny because it combined the “civility” talking point with f-bomb personal abuse. It’s like he got the talking-points memo but didn’t quite manage to execute. . . .

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