March 24, 2010

READING THE HEALTHCARE BILL: A Tampon Tax? That’s going to make selling the bill “aggressively” a little tougher. Plus, from the comments: “Actually, tribbles are a pretty good metaphor for federal entitlements, aren’t they?”

UPDATE: Oops: Dems forgot to cover preexisting conditions for children.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Clare Toohey emails: “How is being a woman ‘no longer a pre-existing condition’ if our monthlies need treatment with a ‘medical device?'” You’ll have to address those questions to the White House. But maybe this explains why the Tea Party is majority-female. . . .

MORE: How Many Employers Will Stop Providing Health Insurance?

FINALLY: Reader Andrew Bunger writes: “This law is a big turd sandwich. Arguing that a few raisins managed to make it through the Congressional intestinal tract doesn’t make us any happier about having to eat it.”

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