March 15, 2010

POLLS: Swing districts oppose ObamaCare.

UPDATE: Run away! “Obama keeps telling his fellow Democrats that ObamaCare will cure what ails them. But the facts — polls and the behavior of candidates – tell us otherwise. . . . We’ve seen this before, as Democrats in swing states steer clear of Obama. And given the polling data in Ohio, it isn’t surprising that a Democrat would want to evade the president.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Robert Bidinotto writes:

The real story in that poll is not merely that “swing-district voters oppose ObamaCare.” No, the real story in that poll is that voters will punish their congressman if he votes FOR ObamaCare, but they will treat him better at the polls if he votes “NO.”

This far more pointed and potent message just isn’t getting through, Glenn. It directly refutes the White House narrative, which says the opposite: that if ObamaCare fails, swing-state Dems will suffer more in November. That Big Lie has now been poll-tested, and proved false. If this message gets through to the swing-state Dems, I believe ObamaCare goes down to defeat this week.

Oh, I think the message may be getting through.

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