March 1, 2010

WHY ARE MILLENIALS so darn optimistic?

UPDATE: A reader emails:

I know why they are both optimistic and happy – they all still live at home. The Millenials’ parents (Baby Boomers) in contrast are totally depressed, since these youthful and optimistic slackers are delaying retirement. I know, as I have two Millenials at home and both are totally clueless about their impact on us.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Michael Cecire writes:

Happily, I do not live at home (quite the opposite: Tbilisi!), but I wonder if Baby Boomers moaning about their leeching Millennial children ever gave thought to the fact that much of my generation’s upbringing, not to mention an economy captive to a welfare-entitlement tsunami, is really a function of the Boomer generation’s narcissism and we-are-the-world asshattery ?


MORE: Will Collier comments: “The ‘Millenials’ are far from the only folks with that attitude. A considerable and cross-partisan chunk of my own turning-forty generation has always been resigned to the fact that we’re going to be saddled with cleaning up after the irresponsible Sixties pukes.”

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