February 27, 2010

HAWAII “DODGED A BULLET.” Some folks on Twitter seem almost disappointed. Meanwhile, remember that Chile didn’t dodge a bullet.

UPDATE: Neither did the Robinson Crusoe Islands.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A group of UT students and faculty are fine.

MORE: Some media criticism.

STILL MORE: Chile: “The situation right now is very bad.”

MORE STILL: Christopher Fountain writes: “Yeah, it was a bust, but imagine if Thailand had received that warning when the wave came their way. I mean, massive earthquake, measurable sea level rise indicating a tsunami, what’s a mother to do? I think they did the right thing.” Oh, absolutely. Even this could have killed some people in Hawaii if they’d been in or on the water. Did you see the video from Hilo Bay?

EVEN MORE: On Facebook, Anil Dash offers a horrifying thought: “Having found out Snooki is Chilean, I am dreading the inevitable ‘Snooki weighs in on the earthquake’ news interviews to come.”

Plus, tsunami video from San Diego.

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