February 25, 2010

HMM: David Gergen on the summit: Republicans had their best day in years. “Obama’s problem today was that he couldn’t fly solo; he tried to, speaking for more minutes at the meeting than either the Democrats or Republicans did, but surrounding him with sad sacks like Reid and Harkin was bound to dilute the effect.”

UPDATE: Slate: Obama and Republicans seemed reasonable. That’s bad news for Democrats.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader James Somers offers two ways to tell that the Dems lost the health care summit today:

If you look right now:

1. It’s not the lead headline on CNN.
2. It’s not the lead headline on the NYT.

If this had turned out the way it was supposed to, it would be leading both of those sites in 60 point font.

Well, 32 point, anyway.

MORE: No comfort for Obama from ABC News.

Plus, a wrapup, with some video, from Ann Althouse. Plus, from the comments:

WTF? The world is all screwed up, and it’s not even Wacky Wednesday…

Here we have a Republican speaking thoughtfully about finance. I thought all that Republicans spoke about was how God loved them, how God hates gays, and how they want to crush the testicles of the children of terrorist suspects.

And we have a Democrat Rep named Slaughter – from New York no less – telling her folksy tale with a hick accent.

The world turned upside down. And Stacy McCain, predictably enough, takes the low road. Is there some kind of a Max Blumenthal connection?

FINALLY: If there were a right-leaning Jon Stewart, this clip would absolutely lead off tonight. . . . .

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