February 19, 2010

A VIDEO RESPONSE to Keith Olbermann. What big-media coverage doesn’t show, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Olbermann to apologize for working at such a lily-white organization. Racist.

UPDATE: Reader Fred May writes:

I just viewed Keith Olbermann’s video about where are the black faces (minority) in the Tea Party crowd? I happened to be in San Antonio on spring break with my wife and kids last April 15th. We found ourselves at the Glenn Beck sponsored Tea Party at the Alamo in downtown San Antonio unexpectedly. What struck us was the number of black families holding the same kind of protest signs as their white counterparts, as well as Hispanics. The uniformity of their responses, the camaraderie and the general respect and acceptance of everyone there underscored the fact that across minority groups, citizens of all stripes were worried and pissed. Keith Olbermann needs to get a grip, come down from his frigging ivory tower and mix with us common folk. He might learn a thing or two. America is not nearly as segregated as he would like to believe. Also intelligent citizens from many backgrounds get it and don’t need his whining and hand ringing to tell us we are really racist and stupid. I saw it myself, people gathering together with a common cause, protesting the usurpation of the rights of a whole generation. It made me proud to be an American and not just a white American as Olbermann and others would have us believe. Sheesh!

Talk of racism is an important tool for marginalizing ordinary Americans and making them feel insecure. You don’t really expect the likes of Olbermann to give that up voluntarily, do you?

And hey, Tea Partiers are more diverse than David Letterman’s staff . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Mike Donovan writes:

Esteemed Prof – today’s reader comment by Fred May about the racial diversity present at the San Antonio TP event he attended is pretty much the exact situation i personally witnessed at 2 very large (several thousand people both times) events in Sacramento’s Capitol Park last year: Black WW2 vets in their VFW hats mingling with Hispanic and Asain families with kids and of course lots of white folks, coz thats the largest demographic in the country. What a shock.

I dare say…at least at the events I personally attended…the racial makeup was/is far more diverse than the near-exclusively white anti-war, Bush-is-a-Criminal hatefests common to every big city in America before the Age of Obama. You know, when dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

Olby and his ilk must not be allowed to get away with this abjectly untrue characterization of the diverse nature of people attending TP events. They haven’t gotten away with it yet though, because almost everyone in the country with a fair open mind either attended a TP or knows someone who did. And what they see on TV and in the papers doesn’t match what they saw and continue to see with their own eyes.

Keep up the great work.

Yes, the racism claims are kinda iffy, to say the least. But they’re all they’ve got left.

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