February 18, 2010

HMM: Small Plane Crashes Into Austin, Texas, Office Building. Conflicting reports on whether it was an “intentional act” or an accident here. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Austin Plane Crash May Have Been Suicidal Attack on IRS. “A single engine plane smashed into the side of an Austin office buildling today and authorities are investigating reports that the pilot may have burned down his house down and then steered the plane into the building in a suicidal attack on the IRS, sources told ABC News.” I blame Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Partiers. Just thought I’d get ahead of the spin on this one . . . . Oh, and Trig, too. I’m sure he’s responsible, somehow.

On the other hand, there’s this: “Federal officials said shortly after the crash into the Austin office complex that houses FBI and IRS offices that they had no reason to suspect the incident was terrorism related.” They say that every single time, it seems.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh, never mind: He was a crazed Bush-hater kinda like Amy Bishop. Nothing to see here, move along . . . .

MORE: A hero.

Fox News is interviewing a guy (former military) named Robin DeHaven who works for a glass replacement company named Binswanger.

He drove to the building after seeing plane and smoke from the crash, put his ladders up to the building — and when he saw that the people at the window were ‘panicked’ — climbed into the building, and helped get five people out.


Impressive. Much more on this at Hot Air. Also at JWF. And from Ace.

STILL MORE: TaxProf: Pilot Deliberately Crashes Into IRS Office Building in Austin, Blames Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Plus, lame tax protestors.

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