February 2, 2010

WASHINGTON POST: Sarah Palin will rally for Tea Party activists in Harry Reid’s home town.

Hey, it’s not just Sarah Palin. Obama’s been helping out the Tea Party in Nevada, too.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin: Why I’m Speaking At Tea Party Convention.

MORE: Obama apologizes to Harry Reid for bashing Las Vegas.

STILL MORE: A reader emails:

I work for a large bank and used to attend an annual conference in Las Vegas, until Obama declared war on that poor town. Las Vegas hosted the Asset Securitization Forum with about 8000-12000 attendees. It was the perfect place as the facilities are enormous and could handle large amounts of people comfortably, a room at the conference hotel (The Venetian, Wynn,etc.) or one right next door was half what a NY hotel room is, there are cheap, plentiful flights from everywhere and you could see enough clients and contacts to save 10-15 other trips. If you gambled it was with your own money, it’s not like the firm gave you a bundle of cash and told you have fun.

After the One attacked Vegas (And half the people didn’t go last year) the conference was moved this year … to Washington D.C..

The best of hands indeed.

If I were a Nevadan, I’d be unhappy.

MORE STILL: Reader Lennie Smith writes:

I live in Las Vegas and I can tell you it’s not a great place to be these days. The only place worse these days is probably Detroit or the central valley of California – a place where I have a lot of family. We have high funemployment and a high foreclosure rate in Las Vegas. Much higher than the reported number would show due to the independent contractor nature of construction and real estate jobs.

After the president’s remarks in February, quiet a few companies canceled their conventions here and as a result, people who depend on them lost their jobs.

Now he has upped the ante and the only silver lining I can see in this is that it hurts Reid. After a good 50 year run I don’t see the town bouncing back for a long time. We might even have to reinvent ourselves as a ghost town.

I never thought I’d feel sorry for Las Vegas.

FINALLY: Another reader emails:

I just got back from the ASF in National Harbor, Maryland – basically a cluster with one large hotel, the Gaylord National, and a cluster of small ones like Marriott Residential and Hampton Suites. This was the first year I was senior enough to attend as part of my firm’s team, and what a let down. After years of stories about working and playing hard in Vegas, I end up in an isolated, frozen swamp 10 miles outside DC. And yes, I most certainly blame Obama.

An “isolated, frozen swamp.” Sounds like the 9th circle of Hell.

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