January 19, 2010

BOSTON GLOBE: Coakley has conceded in a call to Scott Brown, according to a Brown aide. AP had just projected Brown as a winner.

So has Massachusetts kicked off another American revolution?

UPDATE: David Boaz: The Brown Revolution. “Around the world over the past decade, longstanding and stultifying power elites have been toppled by what came to be known as the ‘color revolutions’ — notably the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and hopefully the Green Revolution in Iran. Now the political elites in Boston and Washington have been rocked by the Brown Revolution.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails: “Matthews is on now. Has the ‘tingle up the leg’ become a trickle down the leg?” [LATER: Matthews comments.]

Roll Call: Brown Wins Huge Upset in Massachusetts.

Last year, when I was at CPAC for PJTV, a leading pundit told me (politely) that he thought my interest in the Tea Party movement was silly. I demurred. All I can say is I told you so.

MORE: The Scott Heard ‘Round The World.

Plus, A question for Keith Olbermann. “How do those teabags taste?”

Power Line: Thank you, President Bush. “As I understand the Democratic narrative of today’s election, as explained by Robert Gibbs and others, Scott Brown’s victory is the result of voter anger. That anger, in turn, is the understandable result of President Bush’s policies. Thus, George W. Bush is responsible for the election of Scott Brown. President Obama is just a bystander.”

And reader J.C. Rhoades writes: “So, should the good people of Massachusetts be considered the real Browncoats?” I aim to misbehave.

Reader Clifford Grout comments: “I think they should name Scott Brown’s truck ‘Mary Jo’s Revenge’. Just sayin’.”

STILL MORE: Jim Webb: Suspend Further Votes On Health Care Until Brown Is Seated.

Reader Phil Manhard writes: “I love the smell of tar and feathers in the evening. It smells like…..
Victory!” It’s only metaphorical tar and feathers.

Michael Graham: Who’s next?

For at least five minutes, we stood looking at each other in disbelief. Some people kept looking at the TV looking for confirmation from AP. Could it be true?

Finally it sank in. The cheering began to subside, and then came the cry: “Who’s next?”

Another roar, and then came the names: Kerry, Frank, and loudest of all Gov. Deval Patrick.

These people have had their first taste of political success in a long time. They feel hope again, for the first time in years. And they’re spoilin’ for another brawl in the Bay State.


Plus, Rush Limbaugh reacts.

Politico: Scott Brown pulls off historic upset.

Mark Steyn:

Harry Reid’s reluctance to seat Senator Brown (R- Mass) – boy, I enjoyed typing that – until “the proper paperwork has been received” seems awfully finicky for a man who famously declared he wanted to bring “twelve million undocumented Americans out of the shadows”.

Why not start by bringing the undocumented Senator out of the shadows? Given the unelected Dems sitting as replacements for Obama and his cabinet appointees, it would demonstrate a particular contempt for the people’s voice to hold up the one guy who fought and won an election to get in there.


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