January 19, 2010

COPTERS FROM THE VINSON in Haiti. And here’s a report on logistics.


UPDATE: Boots on the ground.

The security is far from heavy-handed. The leaders here have said they see no threat from the local people, and they try to project that in their presence. Today, the Soldiers were told to sling their rifles across their back, rather than holding them in the ready front position as is customary for most of these battle-hardened Soldiers.

Also, no orders are barked. Men are referred to as “Sir,” and the women as “Ma’am.”

Yesterday, when the crowd became rowdy and tried to push forward, the captain in charge told his troops simply to sit down in the grass and stop passing out the meals. This quieted the crowd, which quickly realized that if they did not calm down, they would not any rations.

Read the whole thing.

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