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December 9, 2009


Taken with the Nikon D300, with the 10.5mm fisheye lens. From the Popular Mechanics assignment mentioned below.

UPDATE: Okay, I thought the uncropped version, where you could see my feet at the bottom, gave a cool you-are-there effect, but enough people made fun of me that I’ve posted the cropped one instead.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Brian Biesenkamp writes: “Put the picture back up with your feet in it (or at least include a link). Half of the fun of shooting with a 10.5 is that it is so wide you need to know where your feet are at all times. Aside from that, it would give it more of a Lee Friedlander aesthetic that I already see in many of your shots of reflective surfaces. Don’t cave in to pressure from people who don’t know the difference between a fisheye and a fish’s eye.”

It’s funny you say that, because I do like Lee Friedlander — one of my friends even dated his daughter — and William Eggleston, as well as the father of all such, Walker Evans.

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