November 30, 2009

YEARS AGO, the FDA shut down sales of a product called Jogging In A Jug. “By law, the product–a mixture of grape and apple juices and vinegar called Jogging in a Jug–was considered an unapproved new drug due to claims McWilliams, 64, made for it.”

But now we learn that vinegar can affect blood sugar levels, which makes me wonder about triglycerides, too. Maybe McWilliams was just too far ahead of the curve. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Jeffrey Jackson notes that my triglyceride intuition seems to be correct.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Christopher Brandt writes: “I’m curious to see how much vinegar was consumed by people 50-100 years ago, and our ancestors who used it as a primary food preservative. Pickles anyone?” I wonder if the switch to refrigeration led to lower levels of vinegar in the diet, and hence to the midcentury jump in heart disease? Purely speculative, of course, but interesting.

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