November 16, 2009

THESE MUST HAVE BEEN THE ONES WITHOUT GUNS: Video: Tea Party Protesters Attacked, Beaten by ANSWER Thugs. From the comments: “I am sure that Eric Holder will act swiftly – just like he has in St. Louis.”

UPDATE: Power Line: “We conservatives have long talked about our willingness to fight for freedom. In a sense, that’s generally been metaphorical, especially when talking about domestic rather than foreign enemies. With the far left now on the march, however, it isn’t metaphorical any more. It’s just one more sign of the Age of Obama–fighting in the streets, as the extreme Left has been empowered as never before.” Cram the video down their throats. Figuratively, this time.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Joe Barnes: “Of course, this would be a racist hate crime if the situation in Ft. Lauderdale had been reversed. It would be all over the MSM nonstop. Olbermann’s head would explode. The violence and the resort to foul name calling (‘teabaggers’) demonstrates the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the left. I expect more of this, particularly since there will be no prosecution of these thugs.” You know, the Fred Phelps gang seems to manage to file a lot of lucrative lawsuits over the violent reactions of those they protest against, with the help of on-the-scene video. That’s their real business, by some accounts. Perhaps the Tea Party movement ought to try the same. It shouldn’t be all that hard to identify the folks involved and sue them, and the organizations they’re affiliated with. It would be nice if some friendly public interest lawyers would help out.

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