November 16, 2009

PETER SUDERMAN ON the eliminationist narrative of 2012. “2012 seems to express an earnest hope that, from the smoldering ashes of modern civilization, humanity will triumph, reforming and rebuilding itself into a fresh and functional egalitarian society. . . . Well, almost all, anyway: In 2012, both the knowledge of the impending apocalypse and the planning for its survival is limited to the member countries of the G8. Sorry, South America and Africa.”

UPDATE: Reader Alex Minick writes:

Funny you mention that about South America and Africa. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan (Khowst province), and a soldier and I were looking out from the guard tower we go to talking how the Afghans would be best prepared for the end of the world. They’re already living it. You take away the cell phones and the cars (brought to you courtesy of the West), and they’re already living in what we would consider a post-apocalyptic world. I mean hell, even the Romans had sewers and running water. These people don’t even have that. So I’d actually argue we can plan all we want, but its the places like Afghanistan that would probably be best off in the apocalypse… if they even realize its happened.

I suspect they’re more dependent on the outside than it appears — most places are — but yeah.

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