November 9, 2009

PRESS STUPIDITY ABOUT GUNS CONTINUES: Or maybe it’s just dishonesty:

The media is wasting very little time informing us that the weapon used by Major Nidal Malik Hasan in his rampage at Fort Hood was a “cop killer.”

Ft. Hood terrorist used a cop killer FN-Five Seven tactical pistol—20 round clip — Examiner

‘Cop Killer” Gun though to Be Used in Ft. Hood Shooting, Offiicals Said — ABC News

Fort Hood shootings: gunman used ‘cop killer’ weapon in massacre at US Army base — UK Telegraph

Ironically, there is no known record of that weapon even being used to kill a police officer in the United States, and there is a distinct possibility that Sgt. Kimberly Munley, wounded while engaging Hasan, may have been the first American law enforcement officer ever shot with a Five-seveN.

How did the Five-seveN get it’s “cop killer” reputation, then?

It was created in a Brady Campaign press release in February of 2005.

Funny how often things work that way. Where are the “layers of editors and fact-checkers” when you need them?

UPDATE: Several readers write, and Wikipedia reports, that the FN is used by Secret Service protective details. Can we say “weapon of choice for President Obama’s bodyguards” then?

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader who says he’s a special agent with the Secret Service says that they don’t use the five-seven. What? Could Wikipedia be wrong?

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