October 10, 2009

DENVER COLUMBUS DAY PARADE IS ON, despite hoax. “A Denver parade in honor of Christopher Columbus is on—despite a phony e-mail that circulated Thursday saying the downtown celebration was canceled for lack of funds. The Sons of Italy’s Columbus Day Parade Committee in Denver was shocked to learn of the e-mail sent to the media, which was signed by Sons of Italy President Richard SaBell. The fake e-mail said protesters had ‘ruined’ the event and tarnished the legacy of an Italian hero.”

UPDATE: Reader Bruce Webster emails:

The real problem with today’s parade isn’t the fake e-mail — it’s the bitterly cold weather. It’s 20 degrees here at our house right now (10 am, Saturday), and the high downtown is on track to set a record for the lowest ‘high’ for this date (the previous ‘low’ high was 34 degrees). Oh, and it’s cloudy and icy.

I blame global warming. And President Bush!

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