October 2, 2009

RICK MORAN ON OBAMA AND THE OLYMPICS: Obama gambled the prestige of his presidency on a trifle and will likely pay a price for it.

Obama seems to think like a mayor, but that doesn’t work very well for a President.

UPDATE: Reader Daniel Richwine emails:

Just can’t get my head around this. So many foolish things about it, and here’s one more: Obama did this on a Friday, ensuring that the Sunday news talk shows discuss nothing else. The only world in which this makes a lick of sense is if he’s trying to distract from the horrible unemployment, the deteriorating Afghanistan situation, a Nuclear Iran, the Public Option failure…

I take it all back. The man’s a genius. An evil Genius!

Well, when your great PR coup is to change which of your failures is the subject of conversation, it’s not a great sign . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: From ThinkProgress, a lame attempt at a war analogy. Because rooting for American troops to lose in Iraq is exactly like rooting against Chicago getting the Olympics. Whatever Soros is paying, it’s too much.

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