September 30, 2009

DOUBLE STANDARDS AGAIN: WaPo editorial writer gives Alan Grayson a pass.

Remember how angry the press got over Sarah Palin’s “death panels” and Rep. Joe Wilson’s verbal outburst? Well, don’t expect a similar outpouring of indignation over Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s assertion on the House floor that the Republican health plan is for people to “die quickly.” You see, Grayson’s comments were funny (he was just joking, you know!) and besides, no one has ever heard of him.

The most distressing section of the appended video is the clip in which Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehardt voluntarily raises his hand when host Mika Brzezinski asks who is giving him a pass.

Double standards abound. But now that the Legacy Media is — pretty much openly — just an arm of the Democratic Party, why should anyone be surprised, or care?

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