September 5, 2009

BLACK SCHOOL SHOOTERS: Contra Van Jones, not actually nonexistent. Kind of sad to see a guy who went to Yale Law School and got a big White House job trafficking in crude racial stereotypes for political gain. If the racial angles were reversed there would be a firestorm. Then, of course, we’ve got the D.C. snipers — not exactly school shooters, but not so different that I’d try to draw a big racial lesson . . . .

UPDATE: Dave Ivers writes: “Evidently Van Jones has never heard of Detroit, MI. They have at least a couple of shootings inside (or on the grounds of) schools every year. They also have a small number of shooting near schools, specifically aimed at students.”

And Clayton Cramer has much more. Van Jones knows as much about school shootings as Barack Obama knows about heart problems or tonsillectomies.

Related: Imagine a Van Jones in a Republican administration.

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