September 1, 2009

FROM NPR: A very positive and straightforward piece on Tea Party music star Lloyd Marcus.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, reader Matt Holzmann writes:

It was interesting to note the pro Obamacare protest outside of Congressman John Campbell’s office in Newport Beach yesterday. There were 300 pro Obama protesters and perhaps 125 anti Obama counterprotesters. Very civil.

The Obama protesters are personalizing their message, and they stayed away from the pre-printed signs. The Antis were mainly our version of tea partiers. A lot of Paulians and conservative Republicans. What is weird is that OC is very conservative and completely lethargic. There is not much of a “there” here. People are angry, but not yet ready to say so publicly.

I think the message I took away from this was that the Left is now going to catalog their own demonstrations and protests and use this as a meme in their effort. I expect them to come out with all guns blazing next Monday/Tuesday. I believe we are going to see one hell of a propaganda campaign. It’s going to be interesting.

Indeed. Kind of fits with this report.

UPDATE: Related: Busted… HCAN Organizer Hands Out the Astroturfed Signs at Illinois Town Hall (Video).

It’s good that lots of people take video cameras to these things.

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