August 22, 2009

SO THE KNOXVILLE TEA PARTY CROWD HAD A RECESS RALLY at the Federal Courthouse, where Rep. Jimmy Duncan and Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker have offices. They had 100-150 people (I heard that about half that many counterprotesters were there at the beginning, but they were marching off and beating drums as I arrived, so I can’t attest to precise numbers.) A fairly impressive turnout, though, considering that I believe that Duncan, Corker, and Alexander are all opposed to ObamaCare. Local media — and alt-media, as I was joined by Michelle from KnoxViews, who I was happy to catch up with as we hadn’t seen each other in a while — were covering it. (An earlier interview with Knox Tea Party folks is here.)


UPDATE: John Casey sends this via iPhone from Chicago: “Chanting ‘no more Dick’ outside of Dick Durbin’s office.”


ANOTHER UPDATE: Joe Scott sends this from Asheville, where Heath Shuler (D-NC) was the target: “Glenn, there were about 150 people at Rep. Shuler’s office today. People directed their questions to an empty podium since Mr. Shuler apparently had more pressing business today.” Plus a cellphone pic:


To be fair, Shuler already told the Asheville Tea Party folks that he’d vote against the bill.

Plus, over 1,000 in Birmingham, Michigan. Pics and video at the link, but here’s one.


And reader John Marcoux sends this from Charleston.


MORE STILL: Another report from Birmingham, Michigan.

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