August 3, 2009

CROWD EXPLODES when Arlen Specter says “do it fast.”

This kind of thing just keeps happening. And it’s happening all over.

Plus, planning to eliminate private insurance?

And, at Power Line, Taking The Deliberation Out of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. “The Senate fancies itself ‘the world’s greatest deliberative body.’ But it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Senate is not a deliberative body at all — not when Senators concede that they would vote on legislation to overhaul one-sixth of our economy, and arguably the most important sixth, without having read the legislation. Specter’s defense that there’s not enough time for him to read it all himself simply raises the problem in a more acute from: why would the world’s greatest deliberative body consider legislation on a timetable that leaves Senators with insufficient to see for themselves exactly what’s in the bill?”

Is it representative government when your representatives don’t read the bill?

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