July 30, 2009

THE FLIP MINO HD: The video camera of choice for the Tea Party crowd? Bryan Preston writes:

Glenn, I thought you and your readers might be interested, I shot the Austin video entirely on a Flip mino-HD solid state camera. Those things are AWESOME, tiny size, great quality, it just plugs into a USB port for interfacing with your computer, and it was a snap to transcode the video so that I could cut it in Premiere Pro. It holds 60 mins of HD video, so I had plenty of space to shoot all I needed. For people who attend protests and other political events, the Flip is extremely useful and simple.

As you can see the video turned out well. I saw Dana Loesch of the St. Louis Tea Party on Greta van Susteren saying that they’re careful to have multiple videographers at their events, so that they can document misbehavior by others and refute charges of misbehavior on their own part. Not a bad idea. Probably best to have one really obvious video camera, and then one or more not-so-obvious ones that can record any hassling of the obvious one. . . .

And really, it’s amazing you can do this with something that costs under two hundred bucks and that fits in a shirt pocket.

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