July 26, 2009

ACORN TRYING TO shut down anti-Obamacare protests? So far it doesn’t seem to be working very well. But be sure to bring video cameras. And, if you anticipate trouble, lawyers!

UPDATE: Related: Peter Roff, U.S. News: Democrats’ Healthcare Censorship Shows How Desperate They’ve Become. “A clear sign of their growing desperation is the way in which the Democrats are censoring the GOP’s official communications to their constituents. On Thursday Roll Call reported the majority party is ‘preventing Republican House Members from sending their constituents a mailing that is critical of the majority’s health care reform plan.’ . . . Republican staffers say this kind of censorship of the minority by the majority is almost unheard of on Capitol Hill, certainly during the years the GOP was in power. Moreover, they say, it is a clear sign that the Republicans are, for the moment, winning a fight once thought unwinnable. Rather than get them down, they are taking the efforts to suppress their message as a badge of effectiveness.” The anti-Obamacare marchers should feel the same way.

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