July 15, 2009

RX-8 UPDATE: Okay, it’s now been, believe it or not, nearly 6 years since I bought the Mazda RX-8. Since it’s a second car, to be driven to the mountains on nice days, etc., it’s still low-mileage, but it still drives like new. (Actually, slightly better, since I like the Kumho Ecsta tires I bought last year better than the original equipment Bridgestones.) I’ve had no mechanical problems other than a bad battery that was replaced under warranty. Gas mileage isn’t anything special. I’m well into my second set of tires, but the brakes still have a lot of life in ’em — that probably says something about my driving style . . .

Recently I had Mazda retrofit an iPod adapter, which works fine with the existing stereo. That’s a big plus — the FM adapter I’d been using sucked, because there’s almost no open frequency in Knoxville. Would I buy it again? Yes. Especially since Mazda has extended the powertrain warranty to 8 years, 100,000 miles. Lots more background here.

UPDATE: Total cost for the iPod adapter? $280, installed. The dealer had it in stock, and the whole thing, together with the scheduled maintenance, only took a few hours. Controlling the iPod from the stereo works fine, and the cable is generously long.

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