July 14, 2009

POLLING: CBS: Obama dropped six points in a month. Why? “Growing skepticism about his handling of the economy and questions about the impact of the stimulus package.”

Plenty of skepticism in Detroit. The Detroit News comments: “President Barack Obama’s plan to attack the recession through massive deficit spending is not producing the results the president promised in February when he convinced the American people to go deep into hock in the name of creating jobs and boosting economic growth. . . . Administration economists projected that the huge influx of borrowed federal dollars would keep the national unemployment rate from breaking through the 8 percent mark. It stands at 9.5 percent today and is still rising.”

And the Detroit Free Press editorializes: “So President Barack Obama makes his first return to Michigan since the 2008 election and plans to put on a big push for community colleges and the kind of training they offer. Not a bad idea on its face. But Michigan has emphasized job retraining for months, if not years now — and yet people keep losing their jobs, even in supposedly hot fields such as health care.” Maybe reducing taxes and regulation would help. Michigan hasn’t tried that — and neither has Obama . . . .

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