July 6, 2009

YEP, IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY NOW: A 1-Terabyte hard drive for under 100 bucks. I remember when a 10 megabyte HardCard was expensive . . .

UPDATE: Reader Stephen Walsh writes:

I began a career in information technology (called MIS then) in 1980. Here is the sort of disk drive that was attached to the system I first worked on.

This thing was the size of a large clothes washer. It was connected to the computer by a ribbon cable. The thing used to shake like a
washing machine in times of heavy disk usage. One time when a service tech neglected to secure the leveling feet the drive walked its way,
due to the shaking, so far away from the computer that the connecting cable disconnected (it wasn’t properly secured either).

Fun stories to tell the kids, but I don’t miss those days!

Me neither. Heck, it wasn’t very long ago that I was marveling over the first 1 TB consumer drive, and now they’ve gotten dirt-cheap.

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