July 5, 2009

FROM ANN ALTHOUSE, some close parsing of the Wa$hington Po$t pay-for-play non-apology.

My lawyer’s eye fixates on one word — in that last sentence: will.

You start out with your terrible, suggestive flier. And just when my mind is screaming quit putting all the blame on the damned flier, you’re all let me be clear: The flier was not the only problem.

Okay, so you will confess that you did plan to sell access to power brokers in Washington through dinners that were to take place at your home?

Then on to the crisp declarative We will not organize such events. You skipped a step!

I know you won’t organize “such events” now — now that you’ve been publicly humiliated. You’re glossing over the key thing you ought to apologize for: that you did organize a series of dinners at your home to make money giving access to Washington power brokers.

Would they be so sorry if they hadn’t been caught out? No.

UPDATE: No, it doesn’t get her off the hook that she’s Tina Weymouth’s niece.

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