July 3, 2009

SARAH PALIN TO resign as governor?

UPDATE: Thoughts from John Hawkins and The Anchoress.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with her decision, but she’s been subjected — along with her family — to more abuse than any other non-national-officeholder I can think of.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More thoughts from Tigerhawk. Plus, here’s video.

Also, Palin Quits To Spend More Time with Couric, Gibson. Meanwhile, C.J. Burch emails that she may be trying a Tea Party run. Could be.

MORE: Some readers think she’s cut a TV deal, and that’s why she needs to be free by August. There’s a lot of speculation, but I imagine we’ll actually know something soon enough.

As for thoughts that she might pull a Ross Perot . . . well, (1) Perot was actually polling in the lead at one point; and (2) It would serve the GOP establishment right, given how they’ve treated her . . . .

STILL MORE: Megan McArdle: “I’m second to none in my condemnation of the attention her family has received. But can you imagine a male politician resigning because comedians and bloggers were being too mean to his daughers? The state of Alaska elected her to serve a term. She owes them that much”

Well, possibly. But if the ever-so-thin-skinned Barack Obama got one-tenth the abuse that Sarah Palin has gotten, he’d cry like a little girl. And his defenders would scream raaaacciiiiism at the top of their lungs.

STILL MORE: Reader Kevin Whalen writes:

Happy Fourth from a reader serving in northern Iraq (where we are having a jaw droppingly amazing dust storm. So much for fireworks).

In reading your coverage of the Palin resignation a couple thoughts came to mind. Here we have a talented, rising politician who was asked to volunteer that talent, drive and energy to the betterment of Country and party. She did so and was repaid by having her freedom surrendered to “handlers”, her privacy violated, herself subjected to ridicule and her family turned into fodder for tasteless idiots who style themselves as comedians (far beyond anything any other politician had to endure). She then decides to call it a day and get out.

Is she going John Galt?

Just a thought. It’s hard to see how her experience on the National Stage was anything but a net negative. If anything, it’s gotten worse since the campaign ended.

Anyway, knock back a few for us over here!

Will do. And yeah.

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