June 30, 2009

I WAS NEVER THAT INTO STARGATE SG-1, but even after the deep discount this seems kind of expensive for a boxed set. Though on a per-hour-of-entertainment basis, I guess it’s pretty cheap. Less than a dollar an hour!

UPDATE: Reader William Hughes writes: “You do realize that Stargate was a 10-year series? A total of 214 episodes… Yes, I’ve seen every episode, and yes, I already have the series on DVD. :)”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another reader emails:

So, I live in China most of the time, and DVDs are as expensive as they are legal. (Five to ten RMB per DVD depending on quality, quantity, and how much of a sucker they think you are)

I’d expect to pay fifty or sixty bucks for the full-blown SG-1 54 disk package, a bit less than half the price on Amazon. Usually, the US-China price ratio is closer to ten to one than two to one… making this a pretty good deal. The other option in China, sometimes, is one season per disk. The quality is what you’d expect, but if you just want to catch up on story lines, it’s an economical alternative. If you can find it.

Bargain prices there.

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