June 9, 2009

RUSH LIMBAUGH calling for a boycott of GM products. This is actually serious, as I believe his listeners were formerly big GM fans. Then again, judging by the latest Rasmussen Poll, a boycott seems to have self-organized already.

UPDATE: Reader Tim Ameigh writes that this isn’t quite what Limbaugh said: “He said he would not be surprised if people did boycott, which your link to Rasmussen bears out.” Here’s the transcript, and I think that Ameigh is right. Reader Donald Dohrn agrees: “As a avid listener to Rush from way back, who now works during his broadcast time, I get my Rush fix through the podcast. I listen to bits when i can but heard this part while mowing last night. Rush is not calling for a boycott at all. The caller who was quoted in the blog post was who brought up the topic. Rush acknowledged that he had heard a lot about the sentiment and then went on to say the part about it being a vote against Obama and his policies not a reaction to anything GM has done. At no point does he say everyone should boycott GM.”

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