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June 1, 2009

“ENABLE COMMENTS! We have stormed the Bastille!” I asked for suggestions, and I got one. I’m intrigued. And I see the check box… so… Let the blood flow! UPDATE: I’m just seeing that I need to approve comments, and there are a ton of them. Unfortunately, I started doing it in reverse chronological order. (How like a blogger!) So hold on. I’m not rejecting anything. Just going backwards… AND: I’ve moderated all the pending comments. It really was too hard, especially in this software. You can’t “select all” as you can in Blogger. And I prefer to allow all the comments and then delete as needed. Maybe that wouldn’t work here. A lot of people found it fun to say Wow, I’m commenting on Instapundit! I wonder what would happen if comments were the norm around here. Would people say a lot interesting things? Or would too many readers go into the comments instead of clicking off to the linked articles and blogs. And you know, what I like is when you follow links over to my blog… and then hang out in my comments…