May 12, 2009

THE MUDVILLE GAZETTE: CONVERSATIONAL SUGGESTIONS for Pelosi and the troops. “This year I’m sure the ‘hot topic’ that would be interesting to start discussions with war zone troops with is waterboarding. (Or maybe not.)”

Plus, from The Hill: Nancy Pelosi’s waterboarding questions No. 67 and 68. “These are just a few of the questions Pelosi needs to address; I am sure my Capitol Hill colleagues have their own. Until the Speaker does a better job of answering them — in the words of the Southwest commercial — she might not be free to move about the country without being hounded.” Nice Chicago reference there, too. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Sean Ryan adds extra Chicago geekery: “Questions 67 & 68 – technically, a Chicago Transit Authority reference — coming as it did from their debut album, before they were sued by the agency of the same name.” True, if hypertechnical. By the way, another excellent public-utility-named band from that era is Pacific Gas & Electric. They’ve actually got a MySpace page where you can hear some tunes.

Here’s a video:

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