May 10, 2009

DIJONGATE: What have we learned? “Congratulations to Professor Jacobson. Traffic at his Legal Insurrection blog, which was about 37,000 visits in February, surged to more than 107,000 in just two days Thursday and Friday, because he dared to point out how dishonest news coverage has become. The point was not that Obama likes Dijon mustard — I do, too, as does the man who named it ‘DijonGate’ — but rather that MSNBC and other major media are no longer in the news business. They’re doing public relations for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. . . . Obviously, reporters didn’t think ‘Dijon mustard’ fit the narrative the White House wanted, and so they fudged the quote — and NBC even edited its own video — to omit the offensive French phrase. Jacobson pointed this out, and it was like showing a Rorschach inkblot to Charles Manson.”

UPDATE: A laughing matter?

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