May 8, 2009

VIDEO: It Wasn’t Just Pelosi. “The leak clearly shows that some in the CIA have resolved not to take the heat for waterboarding all by themselves, and shows what a miscalculation Obama made by releasing the legal memos. Until that time, the CIA appeared content to let people talk about Bush-era tactics in academic terms, especially since the agency had dropped the procedures in question several years earlier. After the release of the OLC memos prompted talk of prosecutions, that all changed, and now Obama knows how Bush felt when the CIA decided to leak damaging information to the press.”

UPDATE: TPM Muckraker: Docs Show Rockefeller Was Briefed On “How The Water Board Was Used.”

Plus, Josh Gerstein: 40 Hill briefings on interrogations disclosed.

Also, from Greg Sargent: Hoekstra’s Office: He’s Seen Documents That Prove Pelosi Was Briefed On Waterboarding.

Hoekstra spokesperson Jamal Ware says that Hoekstra is now seeking the release of the memos and notes that comprised the basis of the documents that came out today that claimed Dems had been briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques.

“He has seen documents that would clarify exactly what the Speaker was briefed on,” Ware tells me, “including whether she was briefed on all enhanced interrogation techniques that had been used.”

Asked if those techniques included waterboarding, Ware replied: “Yes.”

That ups the ante considerably.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Moe Lane watches the moral-superiority bubble deflate.

And Jules Crittenden comments. “OK, I think we’re ready to start those torture prosecutions.”

MORE: The Hill: Hoekstra considers hearings on Pelosi, interrogations.

STILL MORE: Allah is pitiless: “Two defenses of Pelosi’s lies circulating in the nutrootsphere today, one dumber than the other. . . . Anyway, they wanted ‘truth’ and now they’ve got it.”

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