May 1, 2009

CHRIS DODD GETS more constituent criticism:

After some rather self-congratulatory remarks by Sen. Dodd and Chris Murphy, the U.S. congressman from the district (and a former intern in Dodd’s office), the questions were chosen and read.

Nothing about the banking crisis. Nothing about Countrywide or AIG. Nothing about Sen. Dodd’s lovely seaside “cottage” in Ireland, which has led to some intriguing questions about mortgage financing and property transfers. Not a word about any of it.

My question for Sen. Dodd was this: Shouldn’t you consider, in light of the compromising information that has been reported, resigning as chairman of the Senate banking committee?

It was not read. Nor were any questions submitted by the other journalists read. Meanwhile, Dodd and Murphy held forth at length on the benefits of single-payer health insurance (good), global warming (bad), and the beliefs and practices of the previous administration and Congress (really bad). The hours passed slowly.

I’m sure they did.

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