April 30, 2009

FACEMASKS ARE top items on Amazon. (Via Drudge). As I suggest below, the panic may be excessive. But maybe people will keep these on hand for later. Some good-news/bad-news perspective here. “Now of course, we have no idea currently what kind of levels of illness or hospitalization H1N1 would cause if it becomes established in the population, but this is a situation where there’s a small chance of a very bad situation, and so we need to prepare for it as best we can. . . . for now, we’re still seeing cases increase, and the prudent thing to do is be careful and prepared. Weren’t any of these nay-sayers ever Boy Scouts?” Seems sensible. And I do like the term “aporkalypse.”

UPDATE: Mexican Ambassador Says Flu’s Reach Exaggerated.

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