April 19, 2009

MORE TEA PARTY PICS: Reader Kenny Hill writes: “Montrose had two Tea Parties, one at lunch and one in the evening. Here’s a few shots from evening party. Thanks for all you do!” It’s Montrose, Colorado. And there wasn’t an “angry old man” in the bunch.




And here are some more pictures and a report from Cave Creek, Arizona.

And reader Jason Ruser writes:

Well, waddaya know? There was a tea party not 5 miles from my up in Oceanside, at Oceanside’s City Hall.

Met lots of friendly folks, many of which had home made signs of note.

They were a pretty non-threatening lot, unless you are threatened by little old ladies with American flag hats and doggies they dote on. Even had complete families out.

I only met one goofball who was handing out infowars CDs. “They are very professionally made, Sir…” Uh-huh.

A couple of motorcycle cops (riding BMW cycles) I polled said the crowd looked to be “Two thousand-ish.”

Here are some links to photos for your enjoyment.



UPDATE: Reader Robert Williams sends this picture from Raleigh, NC.

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