April 12, 2009

VIDEO FROM THE “A NEW WAY FORWARD” RALLY IN CHICAGO. Earlier coverage here. Meanwhile, here’s a report from San Francisco. They could only get a hundred people to turn out in San Francisco?

UPDATE: Low turnout explained. “Those on the Left who pay attention to these sorts of things have been instructed not to pay attention – and they’re following their instructions.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A video report from Austin. Plus reader Neal Atkins reports: “Here’s a video of the Austin ‘protest’. I guess the camera man didn’t have a lens wide enough to get the whole group. There were 4 people speaking and it looks like there might have been about 10 people standing around. Don’t know how many of those were tourists there to see the Capital.” Bonus points to these protesters for complaining about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonuses, and Obama’s Wall Street donations, though.

MORE: Another report from Austin. There may have been as many as two or three dozen people there according to this report, though it’s hard to know if they were all demonstrators. Video here: “These are good people. They’re not crazy. They’re misguided, but not crazy.”

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