April 11, 2009

A TEA PARTY PROTEST IN PITTSBURGH: Reader Richard Ames sends this photo, and writes: “The crowd was thoroughly exercised, but it had a good time too.”


UPDATE: A report from Lincoln, Nebraska: “Hundreds of Nebraskans chanted no taxation without representation in protest of increased government spending spawned by the stimulus bill at the state capitol Saturday. The tea party style protest is intended to mimic Revolutionary War era protests where citizens believed they were being unfairly taxed. But instead of throwing bags of tea in the water, protestors at today’s rally brought cans of pork and beans to symbolize their unhappiness with pork barrel spending. Protestors say elected officials aren’t listening to their concerns and the massive spending plans enacted by the government place an unfair tax on Americans.”

Plus, a report from the lefty “New Way Forward” protest in Boulder. “It might have numbered 25 at one point. That would include the two police officers. Most of the people on the Boulder Mall ignored them. . . . It’s hard for me to believe that any people in this crowd actually pay income taxes.” More, including photos, at the link. Perhaps it’ll be bigger in some other cities.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Well it wasn’t much bigger in Chicago, though I suppose technically 30 is more than 25. Andrew Marcus has a report with pictures and (soon) video: Tens Of Protesters Rally For Bank Nationalization In Chicago – A New Way Forward!

Here’s one picture from the Chicago “A New Way Forward” rally. Not nearly as many as turned out for the Chicago Tea Party not long ago.


MORE: Here’s a report from the ANWF rally in Washington, DC. “The group’s website claimed that 438 people planned to attend. But only about a dozen lonely souls showed.” Video at the link. They were outnumbered by an anti-Iran protest. Plus, Jane Hamsher ducks an interview!

Plus, I love this comment on Hamsher’s D.C. appearance: “Why is it necessary to use a bullhorn when the number of people attending your rally can fit in your living room?”

STILL MORE: Reader Steven Potter sends cellphone pics from the San Diego Tea Party today. And, in a step toward closing the vital Giant Puppet Gap, there were pinatas in the shape of Barney Frank and Arnold Schwarzenegger.



MORE STILL: A lame response from Jane Hamsher: At least, if heavily-promoted coverage is the same as “financing” then the MSM “financed” Obama’s campaign. Which equivalence, come to think of it, may make her comment kinda fair . . . .

STILL MORE: No wonder Jane Hamsher thinks there’s got to be a shadowy group behind the grassroots efforts. It’s what she’s used to. “Because that’s the way Rahm plays.”

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