April 5, 2009

BOB OWENS ON BLOOD LIBEL FROM THE LEFT: “The best minds progressive politics has to offer have apparently met on their little list and determined that—eureka!—it is the fault of the evil right wing neocon media that an unemployed sociopath ambushed and killed three police officers in Pittsburgh that were responding to a domestic violence call placed by his mother.” I’m sure the subject was analyzed with JournoList’s usual compassion and analytic objectivity.

I love the reference to “his Klannish (nearly progressive) hatred of Zionism.” Yeah, it fits.

UPDATE: Kos going “full-metal moonbat?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Standing up against hate speech.

MORE: “Don’t forget who Kos is.”

Plus, more echo-chamber hate speech from Media Matters shill Oliver Willis. Why not just paste the talking points directly from JournoList? Oh, wait . . .

STILL MORE: Ouch. Kos Finally Finds A Cop Killing Revolutionary He’ll Criticize.

FINALLY: Jim Treacher emails: “Oliver Willis is for banning violent video games, presumably. And I’m sure he thinks the Beatles should’ve been locked up along with Charles Manson. Just kidding, that would only be if he actually had principles and wasn’t just trying to score cheap political points from the murder of police officers.” I was an early booster of Oliver Willis’s blogging career, but the move to Media Matters seemed to undercut his promise. Or perhaps my judgment was simply wrong from the beginning.

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