April 4, 2009

RICK MORAN on the Binghamton immigration center massacre.

Meanwhile, these thoughts are still relevant.

Plus, blaming cable news saturation coverage: “Once again the cable news programs are going wall to wall covering the latest mass shooting. All other programming is on hold. I’ve said this before. When the news shows do this they are guaranteeing the next atrocity. A twisted desire for fame and attention drives some of this. Recall that when the networks were having a problem with streakers at televised football games, they simply turned their cameras away. The problem evaporated. These mass shootings are a little more complicated, and news organizations cannot completely ignore them. But they don’t need to stop everything to cover them.”

If any other industry were similarly culpable and exploitive, the news media would pillory them as unfeeling profiteers.

Plus, police lameness? “Police said they arrived within two minutes. . . . Police heard no gunfire after they arrived but waited for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers.” Jeez.

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