March 25, 2009

GOING JOHN GALT EDWARD ABBEY? Attacking parking meters in Chicago:

Mike says the people who are writing to him have a sense of “anger, frustration, rage in some cases.” To the point where some, it appears, are vandalizing the meters. Pictures on Mike’s website show meters deliberately smashed, taken apart, spray-painted, or deliberately jammed. “People suggest taking a quarter, putting some super glue on it, and putting it in the coin slot,” Mike said.

That jams the meter and everyone parks for free. Or not at all. . . . “Some people write me and say, ‘this is the last straw, my condo is for sale, sales tax, red light cameras.’ It’s just too much for some people,'” Mike said.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Various readers say it’s more like going “Cool Hand Luke.” Heh.

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