March 24, 2009

TELEGRAPH: Mexican Drug Wars Now Worse Than Iraq.

But notice the juxtaposition. First this quote:

“The dynamic of this combat is approaching the early days of the Iraq war. The cartels’ men are well trained, disciplined and are armed with the latest weaponry, including armour-piercing bullets, rocket-launchers and grenades.”

Then this:

His claims were backed by Congressmen in Washington, who have said money and guns smuggled from the US were fuelling violence that was now creeping over the border.

If rocket launchers and grenades are making it into Mexico from the United States, it’s because they’re being sold out the back door of military and police armories, since civilian gun stores don’t sell them. I think it’s more likely that they’re coming from elsewhere, but any member of Congress who really thinks this is a problem should be demanding audits of those facilities posthaste.

Plus this: “The cartels’ ability to smuggle both guns and kidnap victims into Mexico has been facilitated by lax US border controls, although the Americans are starting to tighten up.” So instead of gun control, we might fix things by tightening up on the border? Hmm. . . .

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