March 21, 2009


Six weeks ago, Mike Wilson was just a regular guy, sitting at his kitchen table in Springfield Township steaming over taxes and fuming over government bailouts and stimulus packages.

Today, much to his own surprise, he finds himself at the head of a political movement in Cincinnati – one that could well become a permanent fixture in Cincinnati politics, capable of mobilizing an army of thousands of anti-tax, anti-spending conservatives to put pressure on politicians from city hall to Congress.

And it was all because the Fountain Square rally Wilson and some like-minded conservatives organized for March 19 on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square – billed as the “Cincinnati Tea Party” – drew the kind of crowd at that downtown gathering place that heretofore was reserved for presidential campaign rallies and World Series victory celebrations.

Read the whole thing. I suspect this is all just a warmup for April 15.

Plus, a coming polarity shift in American politics?

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