March 16, 2009

AARON ZELINSKY: Larry Summers claims that nothing can be done about the AIG bonuses. As a former Secretary of the Treasury, he should know better. (Via TaxProf).

UPDATE: I’m guessing that most of the people getting these bailouts voted for Obama, who had a lot of support from the Wall Street crowd. AIG donations went 68% to Democrats in 2008. That may explain things . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Or maybe not: Obama will try to block executive bonuses at AIG. Maybe they just didn’t give enough?

MORE: So is the above unfair to Obama? Yeah, maybe. But he took a lot of money from the Wall Street crowd, and he’s given a lot of money to the Wall Street crowd, and he’s spent a lot of time condemning the Wall Street crowd, so practically anything he does is going to look inconsistent.

STILL MORE: Jane Hamsher: Who put all these Wall Streeters in charge? And why are they giving all our money to Wall Street?

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