March 16, 2009

THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND if you were out, you know, having a life:

A massive Cincinnati “tea party” protest. (Check out the aerial view of the crowd, below.)

More protests in Columbus, Ohio, Little Rock (more here), Kansas City, and Boise.

Still more on Chris Dodd’s Irish “cottage.” (More here, from the Hartford Courant, and from WTNH.).

The continuing relevance of Ayn Rand.

David Broder on growing Obama criticism. Plus, among Democrats, Worries grow that Barack Obama & Co. have a competence problem.

Chinese worries about the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds. (President Obama says relax, don’t worry.)

The amazing origin of Play-Doh.

The return of Gordon Gekko.

Passport security — still unimpressive.

And Tom Maguire does my job for me.

Finally: The “Boobie Bungalow.” Because everybody likes boobies!

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