March 13, 2009

IT’S AN HONOR JUST TO BE NOMINATED: 2009 Rosemary Award for Worst FOIA Performance Goes to FBI. “The FBI’s reports to Congress show that the Bureau is unable to find any records in response to two-thirds of its incoming FOIA requests on average over the past four years, when the other major government agencies averaged only a 13% ‘no records’ response to public requests.”

UPDATE: Reader Mike Gannis writes: “The FBI may indeed be as inept as this news item implies. But be fair — the folks who gave the award don’t seem to have considered the possibility that no records were found because there *never were* any records to be found. I’ll bet the FBI gets a *lot* more FOIA requests from people who are erroneously convinced that the Feds are keeping a dossier on them than, say, the Department of Agriculture does.” Yeah, and those people would probably be disappointed to acknowledge that the FBI just wasn’t that into them. . . Good point.

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