March 6, 2009

VIDEO: A “tea party” protest at the Utah state capitol. Plus, reader David Kirkham emails this report:

There were 75-100 people there. Way more than I expected for a Friday when most of us have to work. We secured a place inside the capitol building, right at the bottom of the stairs below the representatives. When the broke for lunch, I started my speech. 4-5 of them even spoke after I gave my little speech. They were quite nice to me and thanked me for organizing the event. Overall, I felt a lot of resentment at the entrenched Washington Republicans. That was good news. Love your blog; keep up the good work! The local talk guys have interviewed me several times now. I think I want to do another one–now that I know what to do.

Repetition is key. And some pictures. Kirkham’s crowd estimate came in smaller than KSL-TV’s, though, which shows he’s new at protest-organizaing. They said it was 100.

UPDATE: Reader Grace Nunez loves the kid in the picture above:

The caption for this picture could be, “You want my generation to pay for WHAT?”

This kid’s facial expression is priceless in capturing a challenging skepticism about what taxpayers are being asked to do, and there’s no doubt I would want him on my side in any battle. I guess in addition to protest babes, it can’t hurt when endearing children become the face of a revolution.


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